Blackmane Starbase

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Blackmane Starbase
Type Starbase
Primary User Terran Confederation
General Characteristics
Length 2,500 meters
Mass 650,000 tonnes
Maximum Yaw 5 dps
Maximum Pitch 5 dps
Maximum Roll 5 dps
Acceleration 10 k/s2
Maximum 150 kps
Fore 4000 cm equivalent
Aft 4000 cm equivalent
Front 1000 cm
Rear 1000 cm
Side 1000 cm

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The Blackmane Starbase was a space station operated by the Terran Confederation in the Blackmane System.

Behind the Screens

In Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, the player, flying as Colonel Christopher Blair, has the opportunity to save Locanda. If Blair is able to do so, the Confederation continues to hold Blackmane but the station is in critical need of supplies. The Victory arrives in the system to defend the station while its pilots escort several convoys, bringing in additional troops, equipment and supplies. The Confederation pilots must also avoid attempts by the Kilrathi to use captured transports to lure them into the open. These transports exploded when the pilots flew in close proximity with them and obliterated anything in their immediate range, signalling Kilrathi patrols to pick off stragglers.

If the Confederation, through the efforts of the player, is successful in resupplying Blackmane, the base is able to defend itself against further Kilrathi attacks. The Victory can then depart to launch an offensive operation in the Ariel System.