Bi-Annual Pilot Evaluation: Lt. Ian St. John (callsign Hunter)

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Executive Office
Commander Paul Gerald, 2654.02


Lt. Ian St. John (callsign Hunter)


Lt. St. John is an above-average pilot who has modest natural ability offset by a truly phenomenal determination. He spends hours in the simulator, practicing maneuvers, honing his reflexes and improving his speed. He seems to thrive under Lt. Deveraux's command style, responding with equal determination to both praise and constructive criticism.

His response time, however, seems to have reached its maximum limits. That is to say, his best remains unpromisingly slow. He is aware of the problem and has found an interesting way of compensating for it. Hunter sometimes avoids situations that look like they will turn into dogfights, and instead holds back to support his flight from a distance. This method of lying in wait is somewhat unusual, and definitely not regulation behavior for either a wing leader or wingman, but so far it seems to work. His wingmen say they can depend on his cover fire when they need it.


Hunter is not a natural leader, although he can be a supportive peer.

He is quickly swayed by the opinions of his peers, is standoffish to people he has not known long, and can be scathing in his opinions of his comrades. His sense of humor is rudimentary, he has difficulty recognizing sarcasm, and he has a history of picking fights with colleagues he feels are laughing at him. It is worth mentioning that since he has started pushing his flying abilities to their limits, he has become less belligerent.

As his abilities and self- confidence improve, he may have time to work on his interpersonal skills, but until then he will remain unsuited to command assignment.


Lt. St. John should have a complete physical to determine if his reflexes are slow due to medical reasons.

Lt. St. John should, once he achieves his A-class rating, be urged to take CDI training; Interpersonal Conflict Resolutions and Anger Management, in particular.