Alpha (Terran card)

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WCTCG Nav Point Alpha.png
Rarity Nav Point
Equivalent Alpha

Alpha is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Title Alpha
Card Type Nav Point
Artist Credit Alan Gutierrez

WCCIC Review

Nav Points are the most boring cards in the game. We had to do the sometime, now's a good a time as any. Anyhow, a normal two-player game begins with five nav points between the two opposing Carriers. You can play Modifers on them and move flights of Fighters/Pilots/Weapons/etc around through them. Multiplayer games would require more Nav Point cards to be in play. Remember they don't apply towards the standard 40-100 card deck.
Rating : an honorary 10.0


  • The Terran and Kilrathi Nav Point cards are identical with the exception of their card backs.