Alexandria (space station)

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Alexandria was the space station in orbit around McAuliffe. The station contained more than eighty docking ports for capital ships of all types, supported by two hundred thousand personnel. It was the main base for the Seventh Fleet based at McAuliffe, with the number of docking ports more than enough to dock the entire fleet at once.

It was attached to the planet via a Skyhook that stretched more than twenty thousand miles. The Skyhook line carried power from the planet based generators on Johnson Island to the orbital base facility. The planet generators were capable of producing more than a thousand gigawatts of power that fed the shields of the orbital base and the ground facility, allegedly making it impervious to attack.

It was the Kilrathi's primary target during the 2634 McAuliffe Ambush, and was destroyed when the ground defenses were penetrated by Kilrathi torpedoes, severing the base's connection with the power generators. The vibration damage from the impact at the base of the skyhook shook its way through the tower and into the orbital station. Thrusters designed to minimize the effect were overwhelmed and began to fire, enhancing the effects of the damage and causing the base to literally shake itself apart with most of the Seventh Fleet still docked to the structure.