Academy Training (card)

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Academy Training
WCTCG Maneuver Academy Training.png
Rarity Common
Equivalent Warrior Code

Academy Training is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Maneuver
Card Rating 1 Maneuver Point
Side Indicator Terran
Artist Credit Nicole Harsch
Card Title Academy Training
Card Text Negates a Taunt maneuver card.

WCCIC Review

In my review of the Taunt card, I said it's probably best used defensively or to decoy your enemy away. So if you're going to be able to use Academy Training, you're probably on the offense anyway. A big problem with cards that negate another specific card is that you're depending on the enemy to use the card you want to negate. And if you get lucky and they do play that card, you still have to have already drawn your negating card from your deck. So.. if you do ever use Academy Training, it'll be a neat trick, but I'd save the slot in my deck for something better.
Rating : 4.0


  • The spacecraft seen in the artwork of this card does not appear anywhere else in the Wing Commander canon. It is one of two original spacecraft which appear in the collectible trading card game.