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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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Archive Contents

  • GL_00002.DLL
  • readme.txt


                          Origin Systems, Inc.
             Wing Commander: Prophecy Voodoo/Voodoo 2 Patch

I. Patch Functionality

   This patch corrects certain problems present when running
   Wing Commander: Prophecy with a 3Dfx Voodoo and Voodoo 2 based 
   graphics accelerators.  These problems include lockups, 
   crashes, and general instability with a Voodoo or Voodoo 2 based

II. Installing the Patch

   To install the patch, simply copy the gl_00002.dll file 
   into the directory containing Wing Commander: Prophecy.  
   You have now successfully installed the patch.

Please contact support@origin.ea.com for questions and
comments.  Happy Gaming!

The Wing Commander: Prophecy Development Team