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The Terran Confederation declares war on the Empire of Kilrah for countless acts of piracy and unwarranted assault.


Ches M. Penney partially decodes the current Kilrathi cipher. An intercepted message indicates that a fleet is preparing to attack McAuliffe and Alexandria. Terran Confederation High Command dispatches an ambush fleet twice as large as the reposted Kilrathi invasion force. The intelligence is flawed due to an incomplete translation. The actual Kilrathi fleet is four times what is reported by Penney.


The McAuliffe Ambush begins. The Kilrathi fleet arrives at McAuliffe. It is four times the expected size, an intelligence failure resulting from an incomplete translation. The battle rages for several days, ending with a sizable number of Kilrathi survivors retreating to regroup and repair. The Terran Confederation fleet is nearly destroyed, but has demonstrated an unexpected ferocity to the invading enemy.