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Privateer Playtesters' Guide

Pirates earn their living by attacking and robbing honest merchants and other hapless ships with valuable cargo. They trade in contraband goods, which are illegal and extremely lucrative. Pirates are hostile towards Confederation and militia forces. However, you can appease them through communications or by destroying Confederation and militia ships, if you want to avoid combat with them, or land on a pirate base. Pirates live on mining bases abandoned by the Confederation forces, primarily n Fariss and Humboldt Quadrants.

Expected Ships. Talon.

Expected Morale and Experience. Mostly confident or fanatical pros and aces. While they lack formal training, pirates are usually experienced combat pilots.

Allying with Pirates

  • Avoid killing pirate ships.
  • Down Confederation and militia ships.
  • Down bounty hunters.
  • Shoot merchants and retrieve their cargo for sale later.
  • Sometimes it's a good idea to temporarily befriend pirates so you can exploit the contraband trade, e.g. between pirate bases and New Detroit. Try to avoid shooting down too many Confederation fighers and merchants, though, or you will find it difficult to win their friendship later. This may be a goosd temporary strategy if you want to smuggle contraband and do business with pirate bases, but it will make it almost impossible to survive if you are following the plot.