The InfoBurst is an online radio channel dedicated to Wing Commander and the Wing Commander Universe. Visitors can tune in 24/7 to listen to random tracks from the CIC Music Archive. Special broadcasts such as interviews are archived below in MP3 format. Winamp is recommended for listening to the live broadcast.

Sorry, the service is currently offline. Please check back later.

Archived Shows

  • Show #5 - Download
    A 2012 interview with CIC founders Chris and Ben. Justin Bielawa and Echo Sector's Keenan Weaver sat down with Chris and Ben again and asked them the same questions as in 1998. How has a decade and a half in the Wing Commander community changed us?

  • Show #4 - Download
    Chris Roberts, the person that made it all happen! He created Wing Commander and made our dreams for a movie come true. Conducted by Hadrian.

  • Show #3 - Download
    Hadrian interviews Chris McCubbin (author of the Confederation Handbook) and Dan from Dan's Wing Commander Movie Site.

  • Show #2 - Download
    Hadrian interviews Wing Commander music composer George Oldziey.

  • Show #1 - Download
    This show (the first test of our RealAudio abilities) features interviews with CIC founders Ben Lesnick and Chris Reid. As this is only our first test, there are a few problems we would like to apologize for. Interviews conducted by Hadrian.

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