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Wenona Springweather# 543 

Name Wenona Springweather
Faction Privateer
Race Human
Homeworld New Plains
About Wenona Springweather was a privateer and captain of her ship, the Vision Quest.

While passing through the Vaku System she detected the derelict KIS Karga on long range scanners. Kruger paid her a nice sum to lead the Landreich to the carrier and Vance Richards promised the Navy would give her ship a free overhaul.

The Vision Quest returned to the Landreich in the company of the FRLS Independence. The ship developed problems with the jump drive on the way back, and Captain Galbraith, annoyed with the delays, had treated Springweather and the Vision Quest like trash.

While the port authorities at Lutz Mannheim Starport kept her busy, Zachary Banfeld came to see her. Partly to get even with John Galbraith she accepted 50,000 credits from him in exchange for everything she knew about Project Goliath.

Through Banfeld the information reached the Y-12 agents at the Confederation Embassy, and the Bonadventure was sent to raid the Karga.

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Record edited by Kris
Last modified Aug 7 2003


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