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F-110A Wasp class Interceptor# 1350 

Name F-110A Wasp class Interceptor
Faction Terran Confederation

Class Interceptor
Length 11.66 meters
Mass 12 metric tonnes
Booster Mass 6 metric tonnes
Default Max Velocity 480 kps
Max Velocity 624 kps
Min Velocity 144 kps
Acceleration 590 kps^2
Acceleration with Booster 350 kps^2
Afterburner Velocity 1400 kps
Afterburner Fuel 360
Afterburner Acceleration 1600 kps^2
Afterburner Acceleration with Booster 870 kps^2
Booster Velocity 3000 kps
Booster Fuel 18
Booster Acceleration 9000 kps^2
Y/P/R 70/80/120 deg/s
Y/P/R with Booster 65/55/120 deg/s
Y/P/R while Boosting 30/40/90 deg/s
Rotational Acceleration 190 deg/s^2
Rotational Acceleration with Booster 110 deg/s^2
Rotational Acceleration while Boosting 20 deg/s^2
Guns Tachyon Cannons (2), Mass Drivers (2)
Gun Power 600
Default Gun Recharge 60
Max Gun Recharge 90
Min Gun Recharge 6
Missile Hardpoints 1x6 IR, 1x2 HS, 1x4 Swarmer
Enhanced Missile Loadout 1x6 ELRIR, 1x2 HS, 1x4 Swarmer
Decoys 36
Shield Power 460 cm
Default Shield Recharge 22 cm/sec
Max Shield Recharge 33 cm/sec
Min Shield Recharge 2.2 cm/sec
Front Shield 260 cm
Rear Shield 200 cm
Enhanced Shield Power 560 cm
Enhanced Default Shield Recharge 27 cm/sec
Enhanced Max Shield Recharge 40.5 cm/sec
Enhanced Min Shield Recharge 2.7 cm/sec
Enhanced Front Shield 310 cm
Enhanced Rear Shield 250 cm
Front Armor 260 cm
Rear Armor 220 cm
Right/Left Armor 240 cm
Core Strength 200 cm
Jump Capable No

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Last modified Aug 10 2003


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