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  Kilrathi Empire
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  Kilrathi Empire
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Events around March 21 (.80)


Double-Helix announcement
The Committee for Interaction with Alien Intelligences (CIAI) announces contact with a new alien race, which the CIAI refer to as the Double Helix. What is known about the Double Helix is that they are a sentient race possessing space travel technology, though it is unclear if they possess jump technology. They appear to be carbon-based arthropods which communicate through scents and pheramones.
[Wing Commander]


BiFrost 1
Believing the Kilrathi fleet to be low on fuel and heading towards a supply depot, the Tiger's Claw launches Blair and James Taggart in Raptors to patrol and attempt to locate the depot. During the mission, Blair's wing destroys a Ralari and encounters an unknown capital ship which forces the wing to break off and return.
[Secret Missions 1]


B & S EYE  
C-in-C ConF (cont)  
Infra-red D (cont)  
Lorraine Hasker  
Nikolai Petrenkov  
Robot Servants  
Semaphore s (cont)  

Christopher Blair  
Bengal Stri (cont)  
TCS Tiger's Claw  
Terran Conf (cont)  
TCS Concordia  
Concordia F (cont)  
Midway Heav (cont)  
Confederati (cont)  
Vesuvius He (cont)  

James J. Jones  
Julia Novak  
John McLean  
Ludmilla Pe (cont)  
Hydra Cruiser  
Spacesick Sack  
Smoking Lamp  
Delta Resorts