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Vesuvius class Heavy Carrier# 1349 

Name Vesuvius class Heavy Carrier
Faction Terran Confederation
About The Vesuvius class is the largest CV class in the fleet. Almost twice as long as the Concordia. The latest Kilrathi technology was incorporated; ideas were borrowed from the Hakaga class.

250,000 tons, 7800 crew, over 400 fighters and utility craft. Typical fleet carriers only carry one wing of about 100 fighters.

The first two ships of this class were constructed at Orion Station with the use of Foundry ships.

Class Heavy Carrier
Length 1,600 meters
Mass 250,000 tonnes
Max Velocity 150 k/s
Criuse Velocity 100 k/s
Max Y/P/R 6/6/6 deg/s
Guns Dual-Mount Anti-Matter Gun (14), Mass-Driver Turret (16), Dual-Mount Laser Turret (24), Torpedo Tube (2)
Shields Phase
Front/Rear/Right/Left Armor 4,000 cm
Core Strength 6,000 cm
Fighter Complement 400
Jump Capable Yes

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