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Seether# 1487 

Name Seether
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Died 2673.231
About Seether was the result of a Genetic Enhancement program which the Confederation senate had thought to be cancelled. His features were plain, almost unfinished. His reflexes were almost superhuman. He was strong and highly intelligent.

Seether had no respect for the dead: death is the ultimate failure. He couldn't stand failure.

He would drop a mine and catch the blast wave on his rear shields. The wave propelled his ship forward. He did it to test himself for fear.

When William Eisen was under suspicion of betraying the Confederation, realizing they couldn't put Eisen on trial without a lot of media attention, Seether planned to have the former captain die in an "accident" on his shuttle off the Lexington. However Eisen fled the Lexington to the BWS Intrepid before Seether could arrange his death.

Paulson sent the Lexington in after the BWS Intrepid without her escorts. The move saw the carrier disabled and out of action for a month, and meant a setback and time-delay for the Black Lance. He was executed and thrown out the airlock by Seether.

Seether intercepted Christopher Blair who was on his way to address the senate and prevent a war, however Blair managed to kill Seether.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 11 2003


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