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These are the latest instructions and how-to's for each multiplayer Wing Commander game.

Wing Commander Arena

If your Xbox 360 is behind a router and you are having connection difficulties, you'll need to change a few easy settings to get things going.

To find out if you're affected, turn on your Xbox 360 and go the Dashboard. Go to the System blade, select Network Settings and test your Xbox Live Connection.

Your results should look like this:

IP Address: Confirmed
DNS: Confirmed
MTU: Confirmed
ICMP: Confirmed
Xbox Live: Connected

The NAT item is especially important. If this says RESTRICTED or MODERATE instead of OPEN, you will need to configure your router and Xbox for online gaming. Tom McCann's website has easy to follow, illustrated instructions for D-Link and Linksys devices and walks you through all the steps on the Xbox. In addition to all that, Frosty had to disable the UPNP option to get everything working right. If you own a different brand router, the process should be very similar. If your NAT is open you should have less trouble connecting to games. However, if another user in the game has a restricted NAT, you may not be able to connect all the same.

Wing Commander Armada / Proving Grounds

Windows Instructions

Playing Wing Commander Armada is easier than ever. If you have the GOG install, for Windows, there's a special shortcut in the Armada directory titled "Launch Multiplayer". Click on this shortcut and it will ask you whether you want to launch the Single Player Game, Start Network Client Game or Start Network Host game.

If you select Host Game DOSBox will launch and ask if you want to launch Armada or Proving Grounds. If you choose Armada, the game will launch and you will need to navigate to the Multiplayer Net Game screen. It will ask you about group name (default is Armada). It will then ask you for your callsign. This might take a few moments as it loads. Once it's set it will wait for players to connect.

If you choose Proving Grounds, the game will launch and bring you to the main menu. Select IPX netplay. It will ask you to enter your callsign. You can then create a game.

If you select Client Game you will asked for a IP address. Enter the host's IP address to connect.

There is also an option for finding players using Classic Gaming Arena. Players will need to create an account. You will then need to install the CGA client and configure the game settings on the website. It even has Voice over IP support so you can truly taunt each other. Once the setup is complete, it's just a matter of creating a game room, meeting your opponent and clicking a button to start the game. However, you may have to verify that NETBIOS is properly configured.

Mac Instructions

Wing Commander Customizable Card Game

Full instructions and information can be found here.

Scans of every card are here.

Wing Commander Prophecy

Download the Wing Commander Prophecy Enhancement Pack. Unzip it to your Prophecy directory, but note that it will overwrite your Prophecy.exe unless you back it up first. The pack incorporates the video skip fix, high resolution upgrade, DVD VOB player and multiplayer patch all together. Install.exe configures the high res patch, and Multiplayer.exe launches the online component. One person runs the game as the server, and everyone else connects to his IP address in client mode. Input a team number and enter your username/password when prompted. Be sure port 5555 is forwarding through your router/firewall, and stop by #Wingnut to meet up with other players.

Players can also see where they match up with other Wingnuts by using the Killboard.

  • Please note that WCP MP will only work if you had a ChatZone account when the forums were still hosted at and you know your password. If you changed your password in the last four years, you must use your old password to access multiplayer. If you registered after the transition to the new Chatzone, you will not be able to play. Please bear with us as we work with the modding community to upgrade the system.

Wing Commander Prophecy for Game Boy Advanced

Prophecy GBA supports four player linkup through the use of four Game Boys and four separate cartridges. Both deathmatch and cooperative play are available: all vs all, team game and cooperative game modes. Players can play against each other, combat as a team (player 1+2 vs player 3+4) or engage in cooperation mode in which the 4 players must work together in order to accomplish their mission. The cooperation mode will have a completely new set of missions to involve all players in the action.

Flag Commander (Homeworld 2 Mod)

To play this mod you'll need the Homeworld Remastered package from STEAM and subscribe to the Flag Commander mod. Players will then need to create an account at Gearbox Software and link it with their STEAM account to have access to multiplayer.

After loading Flag Commander, at the Mod screen, players must type into the Command Line box "-mpbeta" to activate the multiplayer beta mode.

For those who do not have the game through STEAM and who got the mod through ModDB, they must set up a shortcut to the executable and add -mpbeta -mod WC4FC_Remastered.big to the "Target" box. Everyone must play with the ModDB version, as it might not be up to date with the Steam version.