Wing Commander III 3DO Demo

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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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Filesize 350000 kB

Think you've played every possible version of Wing Commander III? Well, think again -- because we've found a copy of the Wing Commander 3 3DO Demo! This playable demo was published in 1995 as part of 3DO Interactive Sampler #3. The file is a zipped ISO - 3DO owners can burn it to an ordinary CD-R and play! So dust off your Interactive Multiplayers and take the fight to the Kilrathi one more time. The file is very large, 350 megabytes, because there's no way to separate the demo from the others on the disc. That means you'll also be downloading demos of Flying Nightmares, MEGARACE, PaTaank, PO'ed, Return Fire, Triple Threat Shanghai, Slope Style and Station Invasion, a 3DO storage manager and trailers for Gex and Slam 'n Jam '95. WC3 3DO and its demo run quite well on the FourDO emulator. Details here