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March 22, 1995

Margaret Weis, president of Mag Force 7, is proud to announce the acquisition of
a license to design, produce and distribute a collectible trading card game
based on the best-selling CD-ROM computer game WING COMMANDER III(r) Heart of
the Tiger from Origin Systems, Inc.

Designed by award-winning game designer Jeff Grubb and Don Perrin, the designer
of the innovative STAR OF THE GUARDIANS (tm) trading card game, the WING
COMMANDER Collectible Trading Card Game will offer the excitement and thrill of
space fighter combat in a collectible trading card format.

The computer game WING COMMANDER III cost over four and one-half million dollars
to produce, making it the most expensive and the most exciting computer game
ever created. Its cast of Hollywood stars include Mark Hamil, John Rhys-Davies,
and Malcolm McDowell. The card game will feature these stars with their own
cards--not as stills, but as photo-realistic paintings by some of the most
talented science fiction artists working in the field today! The card game will
be sold in a single-deck format, featuring Red Decks for the Kilrathi--the giant
cat-like aliens of the WING COMMANDER universe--and Blue Decks for humanity's
defenders, the Terran Confederacy.  Booster packs will contain a mix of both
Kilrathi Red and Terran Blue cards.

WING COMMANDER Collectible Trading Card Game

Designers: Jeff Grubb and Don Perrin
Projected Release Date: August 15, 1995
Limited Edition Print Run: Twelve million
Number of Cards in Limited Edition Set: 300
Display Box Decks: 6 Red Decks (Kilrathi) and 6 Blue Decks (Terran 
Display Box Boosters: 36 Boosters. (Each booster pack contains a mix of Red and
          Blue cards)
Suggested Retail Price: Deck  $8.95   Booster $2.95
Order Cut-off date for Limited Edition: July 1, 1995

WING COMMANDER is a registered trademark of Origin Systems, Inc.
STAR OF THE GUARDIANS is a trademark of Mag Force 7, Inc.