Wing Commander Academy Animated Series To Premiere September 21 on USA Network

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Wing Commander Academy Animated Series To Premiere September 21 on USA Network is a press release published by Origin Systems announcing the air date of the first episode of Wing Commander Academy. The original post is available via the Internet Archive.


Wing Commander Academy Animated Series To Premiere September 21 on USA Network

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Inspired by the wildly successful line of award-winning, top-selling "Wing Commander" interactive CD-ROM computer games, the new action adventure animated series WING COMMANDER ACADEMY soars into a cartoon stratosphere brimming with eye-popping special effects, bold strokes, imaginative character-driven stories, lauded talent and a uniquely futuristic bent. The WING COMMANDER ACADEMY, produced by Universal Cartoon Studios, Inc. in association with Electronic Arts/ORIGIN Systems, Inc. takes off on its inaugural flight Saturday, September 21, 1996, premiering on USA Network’s "Action Extreme Team" block at 11:30 a.m. EST.

As a landmark computer game, "Wing Commander" has sold more than three million units since its debut in 1990. The game revolutionized the industry by using live actors—including Mark Hamill, Tom Wilson and Malcolm McDowell, all who reprise their portrayals in the series—and real sets rather than animated images, and is currently in its fourth incarnation with "Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom." Emmy Award winner Dana Delany (China Beach) joins the cast of the series in a newly created role.

In the animated series WING COMMANDER ACADEMY, the year is 2655, and the stories lay out a "prequel" to the games. For a generation, the Terran Confederation has waged a relentless war against the forces of the Kilrathi, a fierce, savage, feline-like race—a battle that rages on through the first three video games. During this combat, the very existence of humanity in the galaxy is at stake, along with countless other sentient lifeforms who seek protection by the Terran Confederation. Because of recent heavy losses in battle against the Kilrathi, the 201st Pleeb class of the Confederation’s Space Naval Academy replaces the regular flight crew aboard the refurbished Tiger’s Claw spaceship, with Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn commanding. The cadets are supposed to complete their course of instruction while performing routine patrols and flight training. But, in war, anything can happen. WING COMMANDER ACADEMY embarks on the voyages of these novice, honorable, skill-honing fighters as they test their mettle, bravado and expertise on an itinerary of missions fraught with danger. In the Wing Commander Academy, 12 cadets hold the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. At the end of their tour, the outstanding cadet leader receives the "Wing Commander" designation and an insignia of gold wings reaching the first step of "flag rank."

Commodore Geoffrey Tolwyn (voiced by Malcolm McDowell), the opinionated, argumentative commander who may be a brilliant tactician but—tortured by inner demons—may prove to be his own worst enemy, captains the Tiger’s Claw and lords over the main characters:

  • Christopher "Maverick" Blair (voiced by Mark Hamill), a patriotic-minded, boyishly-enthusiastic pilot with a military pedigree, who constantly competes with honesty and a sense of fair play;
  • Todd "Maniac" Marshall (voiced by Tom Wilson), a raw, impetuous daredevil, who often proves to be a source of irritation and aggravation to Maverick—and vice versa;


  • Gwen "Archer" Bowman (voiced by Dana Delany), a serious-minded, endlessly-practicing female pilot on a collision course with perfection.

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