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Colonel Winfield T. Hart was a Terran Confederation pilot and ace during the Terran-Kilrathi War of 2634-2669. After the war he retired and in 2675 he published a book about his experiences of the galactic conflict with the title A Wing and a Prayer: An Ace's View

I remember being asked what combat against the Kilrathi was like. In reality, it is a hard question to answer. You are dealing with a complex series of guesses, calculations, and hunches, all happening at the same time - all while you are being shot at and piloting something that is tossing you around like a roller coaster from Satan's playground. Nothing will ever replace the human pilot; there's no way to get a computer large enough to handle all the variables in space fast enough. 
/from A Wing and a Prayer: An Ace's View, by Colonel Winfield T. Hart (Retired), Enterprise press, 2675.

Behind the scenes

Colonel Hart was featured in the The Authorized Combat Guide to Wing Commander III in the form of comments to history, fighters, stats etc.