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William Hodgson
Roles Card Artist

William Hodgson is a game developer credited with work on the Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game. They were responsible for the artwork for 22 different cards including two luck cards, six battle damage cards and 14 maneuver cards. They were also responsible for an initial promotional poster shown at tabletop conventions in 1995.

Card Art

Terran Cards

Kilrathi Cards

Original Art

This is just a sliver of the promo poster for the Wing Commander III CCG. I really enjoyed the project, in which I got to work with a great group of people at Mag Force 7 (Margaret Weis, Don Perrin, and co.). I'll upload a full image when I can find one!
16 x 20, mixed media on hardboard. Illustration for the Wing Commander III collectible card game, a great game created by an awesome group of people -- but arriving on the CCG scene at the wrong time to be as successful as it could have been. tHE lOVE aNIMALS were a "technotronic, retro-folk band of the 28th century," serving as a morale-booster in the game, when they toured the space fleet, cheering on the pilots and crews. I figured that some futuristic instruments could be offset by granny glasses and bell bottoms to get the effect.

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