Wake-class escort carrier

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Wake-class Escort Carrier
Type Medium Escort Carrier
Primary User Terran Confederation
Additional Users Free Republic of the Landreich
Ships of the Line Wake (CVE-1)

Iwo Jima
Sevastapol (CVE-4)
Normandy (CVE-6)
Tarawa (CVE-8)
Gallipoli (sunk 2668)

Introduction 2667
General Characteristics
Crew 500
Spacecraft Carried 45
Default Missile Loadout
Anti-Torpedo Missile Launcher
Jump Drive Yes

Wake-Class Escort Carriers were converted from nine medium transports during 2666, a period in which the Confederation suffered severe carrier losses. They carried a crew of 500, some 375 of which were to support the flight wing. They typically carried 45 fighters in three squadrons of 15 fighters. When they entered service the standard fighter complement was a squadron of F-44C Rapiers (Rapier II), a squadron of F-57B Sabres fighter bombers, and a squadron of Ferret scout ships. They had special enhancements such as engines from the Gilgamesh-class destroyer instead of their normal transport power plants that could provide substantially more power.

The CVEs were designed with four roles in mind:

  • Fighter Transport: The transporting of fully assembled spacecraft from the factories to front-line units and installations.
  • Convoy Duty: Escorting convoys thereby freeing up other heavy ships for more important missions.
  • Space-to-Ground Support: Provide ground forces with close air support during secondary operations.
  • High Risk Deep Penetration Raids: CVEs are cheap and quick to build and above all else expendable and therefore ideally suited for high risk operations.

The Confederation had a large amount of success when using the Wake class in deep penetration raids. TCS Tarawa, Enigma and Khorsan were all used in deep penetration raids and destroyed a significant number of Kilrathi ships and installations.

Four Wake-class carriers were "sold" to the Free Republic of the Landreich (FRLN) during the False Armistice. The Free Corps mission used TCS Tarawa and Normandy to carry out listening missions deep behind Kilrathi lines. They also performed admirably at the Second Battle of Hellhole severely damaging a carrier in a rare occurrence of carrier-vs-carrier fleet action.

After the war, the FRLN again purchased several Wake-class carriers for its own fleet. The TCS Tarawa was refitted and renamed FRLS Independence and became the flagship of the FRLN Fleet.

Despite humble beginnings, the Wake-class has proven itself a viable and reliable design.

Original Nine CVEs

TCS Wake (CVE-1)

TCS Iwo Jima

TCS Saipan

TCS Sevastapol (CVE-4)

TCS Khorsan

TCS Normandy (CVE-6)

TCS Crete

TCS Tarawa (CVE-8)

TCS Gallipoli

Behind the Scenes

Fan Art

Many fans have created their own representations of the Wake Class, here is a page with many of them uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Wake-Class CVE Fan Art.