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Creator David S. Raley
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Filesize 65 kB


WCSAV is a utility for viewing and editing Wing Commander save files. This program allows you to view and edit data concerning pilots, awards, and missions.

In addition to the above, this program also automatically corrects any series list overflow errors in the saved games. The overflow error causes some pilots, most notably Spirit and Angel, to die for no apparent reason. This is due to a bug in the transfer utilities provided by Origin. You should run WCSAV on any file that includes at least one transferred character to prevent or rectify any troubles caused by this bug.

This program is declared as public domain for the purposes of distribution to other defenders of the Terran Confederation. Please do not modify this program or charge any sort of fee for it. Thank you for your cooperation. Now get out there and burn those furballs.

The author would like to acknowledge the work of Jason Strautman, CIS PIN [72337,2611], whose initial unravelling of the SAVEGAME.WLD file inspired my own delvings into the matter.

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