WC2 Gunsight Patch

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Creator Dondragmer
Download Download
Filesize 36 kB

Did you know that Wing Commander 2 has a much darker crosshair than Wing Commander 1? Some users find it a little hard to make out against the darkness of space, especially when the screen contrast or brightness is not optimal. Fortunately, HCl has a good handle on WC1/WC2's graphics format, and forums user Dondragmer was able to use that information to create a simple patch. It's really great that fans are still making tweaks to this game. If you want your Wing 2 reticle to be a much brighter green (as it was in the first Wing Commander), download this patch (36 kb zip) and follow the instructions in the README file. If you're not daunted by a little hex editing, the README also explains how you can change the gunsight to a color of your choosing! Details