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Timeline using year/no month/no day

<toggledisplay> BLAH BLAH BLAH </toggledisplay> Hello, Dundradal. Yup, trying to get back into the game a bit. I got your message, when's the next Wingnut meeting? I'll try my best to be there if I can make the time. I can see most of the most recent updates are from Privateer 2 and whatnot; I'm afraid I won't be much good to you guys in that department, I never did play Privateer. But if there's anything else major in the works, I'm wide open to lend a hand if I can. -Aeronautico


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

OK, I've posted two pages in battles but I don't think I did it right as the content is not showing up under the battles Subcategories page, what am I doing wrong? "cheers in advance" Magnus :)


I believe the page to which you were referring regarding the novel/manual texts is the Hornet page (of course, the example page) - Iceblade

<timeline> ImageSize = width:200 height:550 PlotArea = width:50 height:530 left:50 bottom:10

Colors =

  id:gray value:gray(0.6)

BackgroundColors = canvas:gray

DateFormat = yyyy Period = from:2634 till:2669 TimeAxis = orientation:vertical ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:5 start:2634

  1. there is no automatic collision detection,
  2. so shift texts up or down manually to avoid overlap

Define $dx = 25 # shift text to right side of bar


 bar:Leaders color:red width:25 textcolor:white mark:(line,white) align:left fontsize:S
 from:2634 till:2634 shift:($dx,5)   text:McAuliffe Ambush
 from:2654  till:2654 shift:($dx,5)    text:Wing Commander 1
 from:2655  till:2655 shift:($dx,5)    text:Secret Missions 1
 from:2656  till:2658 shift:($dx,5)    text:Leonid~Brezhnev
 from:2660  till:2664 shift:($dx,5)  text:Yuri~Andropov
 from:2665  till:2667 shift:($dx,5)    text:Konstantin~Chernenko 
 from:2668  till:2669  shift:($dx,5)   text:Mikhail~Gorbachev