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Type Heavy Bomber
Primary User Terran Confederation
Introduction pre-2635
Source Wing Commander: Action Stations

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The Trident Heavy Bomber was a bomber used at the time of the McAuliffe Ambush and multiple squadrons of these bombers were located at the bases and ships there.


Wing Commander: Action Stations

  • Chapter 2
    • "Geoff could not help but look in wide-eyed awe at the vast array of strike power lined up before him, entire squadrons of Hurricanes, Gladiators, Trident heavy bombers, and Hummer light recon and strike planes, arrayed wingtip to wingtip. And yet, on closer examination, even his unpracticed eye could see that more than one of the planes was missing an engine, or access hatches were pulled open to reveal that the guts of the plane were gone, and in some cases the plane was up on jacks and its wheels were missing."