The Firekka Treaty - Finding an Ally

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It was really kind of a fluke that led the Confederation to the discovery of the Firekkans. Long-range scans hadn't revealed any mineral resources in the isolated system and it was far from any established trade routes, so it wasn't on the priority list for scientific exploration.

The Firekkans might have remained isolated if there hadn't been a war between the Confederation and the Kilrathi. Several years ago, our Marines were searching for a location to practice massive splashdown landings and assault maneuvers. Since they were employing some new technology, they needed a safe location that the Kilrathi would not be monitoring or patrolling. They were also looking for large areas of water in a low-gravity environment. They thought the Firekkan system fit the bill.

Before the maneuvers began, our forces sent an exploratory patrol to the system. That's when we found this friendly, intelligent, and highly evolved sentient race of aliens. It ruined the Marines immediate plans for training exercises, but it led to a burgeoning relationship between leaders of the Terran Confederation and the Firekkans.

Impressed by the Firekkan culture, our Diplomatic Corps started negotiations designed to expand the Confederation. It had taken almost three years, but we had reached the point where an official treaty between the two groups was imminent. That's why the Tiger's Claw had jumped to the Antares Sector. After the hard-fought confrontations in Vega and Goddard, we were relieved to be spending some time as the Honor Guard for the Confederation Diplomatic Corps. It looked like our pilots, technicians, communications operators, and mechanics would finally receive some shore leave during the treaty conference. A little escort duty, far from the Kilrathi battle fleets, would be a welcome respite.

The main topic of conversation on the carrier came from those who had already taken their shore leave. Everyone was impressed by the physical beauty of the planet, the sensitivity and intelligence of its inhabitants, the unusual technology found in its cities, and the diverse nature of its culture. For those of us who hadn't yet been granted leave, it served to whet our appetites even more.

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