Tesla System - Series 11 - Mission D

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Tesla System - Series 11 - Mission D
WC2 Nav Series 11 Mission D Start.png
Fighter Rapier
Type Escort
Wingmen Stingray
Eject Rescued
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Mission Layout

Nav Area Enemies Friendlies Objective
Concordia 4 Grikath 1 Gilgamesh (William Tell)
1 Confederation (Concordia)
Rendezvous with the Concordia
Rendezvous 1 Free Trader (Bonnie H.) Rendezvous with The Bonnie Heather
Jump point 4 Jalkehi Escort Bonnie Heather to the jump point



Observation Deck, TCS Concordia.
With those enemy carriers moving into this system...
...it's getting so you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Jalkehi.
No offense, Hobbes.
Do not apologize, Major. I rarely listen to what you have to say.
It's a rotten analogy, but Jazz's right.
We're seriously outnumbered and outgunned in this system.
Hell, I've been in worse spots. Like back in the Firekka System...
I haven't thought about that operation in years...
That was back before the Tiger's Claw was blown up...wasn't it, ë?
Yes, it was.
With all due respect, guys... that's ancient history to me.
I'm worried about the here and now.
We're up against two Kilrathi carriers...
...both of which are defended by Jalkehi-class heavy fighters.
You'd better be on your toes, Captain...
...or you won't be flying home from this one.

Mission Briefing

Briefing Room, TCS Concordia.
Today you will fly standard patrols. Jazz, you and Doomsday are Alpha Wing, and will fly the forward patrol
Maverick and Stingray are Bravo Wing, and will fly the rear patr...excuse me, mes amis...
The room grows quiet as Angel listens to an emergency communication.
Pilots, a Kilrathi strike fleet is heading for this position at top speed.
The Concordia must retreat, and quickly. The following pilots report to the Flight Deck for immediate launch...
Maverick, you and Stingray will fly point, intercepting the advance fighters from that strike fleet.
You will then rendezvous with Paladin's Free Trader and escort him to the jump point.
When that is completed, rendezvous with the Concordia, which will be underway for the jump point.
Wouldn't we do better to sit at the jump point and await Concordia's arrival?
Non, Stingray. Concordia may need your assistance enroute.
All other wings stay close to the Concordia to ward off attack.
After this mission, the William Tell will jump out-system---
---to draw enemy pursuit away from the Concordia.
Pilots, I do not need to tell you that we are in great danger.
Fly well, and be prepared for the out-system jump.

Mission Debriefing

Concordia, this Captain Blair, on final landing approach.
Maverick, this is Major Edmond. New orders---
Do not, repeat, do not attempt to land.
The ACLS was damaged, but should have it back online in another few minutes.
Remain in a circular patrol pattern. You'll be down in no time, copy?
Roger, Concordia.
What happened on your flight, Blair?
Grikath Destroyed Grikath Not Destroyed
We were unable to take out all of the Grikath wing. They're still operational.
That's not what we needed to hear, Captain. We don't have time to wade through Kilrathi fighters.
We won't have to worry about those Grikath any more. They're out of commission for good.
Good work, Captain!
Rendezvoused with Bonnie Heather Did Not Rendezvous with Bonnie Heather
We rendezvoused with the Free Trader, and proceeded to the jump point.
There were Jalkehi class heavy fighters patrolling the jump point.
We sustained too much damage in combat with the Grikath and were forced to abort the mission.
The Admiral is not going to be happy. I'd keep a low profile, if I were you.
Paladin Survived Paladin Did Not Survive
Paladin's freighter jumped out safely, Major.
We lost Paladin, Major.
How many enemy ships were you able to take out?
Maverick Scores Kills Maverick Scores No Kills
By my best count, I nailed X targets.
Not bad. Maverick, the ACLS is back online.
You are clear to make your approach. Concordia out.
None, Major. I was shut out.
Inexcusable. Maverick, the ACLS is back online, but you'll have to wait to land...
...until we have launched more fighters to finish your job. Concordia out.
Light Damage Medium Damage Heavy Damage
Welcome back, sir.
Looks like it was a tough battle, sir!
Glad you made it back alive, sir.