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New Info

I've re written this article and cleaned up its formatting using information from WC4, the WC4 Novel and the CIC.

- Sylvester

Ok great. Just gave it a quick once over. Looks pretty good. My only suggestion is that where you currently have the radar image for the target recognition we eventually replace it with a 5 angle shot and move the radar image to a gallery at the end of the article. Otherwise, nice work.

- Dundradal

Phew! Not bad, dude. I started the article some time ago, and now it looks great! Thanks for the help! You saved me a little work.

- Aeronautico

Changed the infobox image to the cleaner SO Vesuvius image. Looks cleaner.

Added Krakotoa (from S*S) to ship list.

- Dundradal

Thanks a lot for the better image, I couldn't find it.

- Sylvester

Not a problem. I think the Vesuvius is one of the few WC4 ships that doesn't have one of those great hi res shots that Capn Johnny provided to the CIC a while back. At least I wasn't able to find it.

- Dundradal

Wow this is very well done. Anyway as far as I know, there is no Official High-Res Vesuvius, like the other ships.


I think we should add more of the "gun camera" type shots to articles. They are very cool and I think add a great dimension to the articles. --Dundradal 17:19, 12 June 2010 (UTC)