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The sentence beginning with 'Word of the Kilrathi plans...' makes no sense to me. I can only guess that the original meaning was lost or mixed-up somehow during various past edits. - Wedge.

After some edits, that sentence still doesn't really make sense to me... - Wedge

Is that better - Madman

I removed an un-necessary and for you wedge - otherwise, now looks good :) Madman

Okay, now it no longer makes sense to me again. ): Seriously, what's the story for this sentence? What's the news reporters' role? I just don't understand what's going on. It might be best to just write it all again from scratch.

And if you think I'm being pedantic, just remember that the average reader has to understand what's going on for an article to be useful. Not every visitor will have read the novel. - Wedge

We really need to clean up all of these pages we carried over here from the old encyclopedia. They leave a lot to be desired in their old quality. Anyone want to help me out with this? - Aeronautico