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I am trying to clean up this article, but I would like to make a note of the fact that most of the info I have here comes straight from the game itself and a number of articles on the CIC Encyclopedia. Dr. Clivers was a character in the encyclopedia said to have been on Telamon, and the cholera outbreak I mentioned was said to have killed him and many others in the same character article. I do not mean to question any of you at all for flagging this. I am more than willing to correct this wherever need be. I just want to note that I based my text on facts I collected from official sources. But if there truly is a problem here, I will come back to fix it ASAP. That's all for now.


I have removed a number of unconfirmed facts from this page. I hope it is improved over the previous version. I will come back for sure.


Might I ask what remains inaccurate in this page? My info comes strictly from the in-game sequences.


It also needs The Price of Freedom (novel) information...I also haven't had time to go over it. All my time is devoted to play testing Standoff Ep5 at the moment. After the CIC birthday on the 10th I'll have more time to look it over.

- Dundradal