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Society of the Mandarins? I can only recall seeing them referred to as the Society of Mandarins, as Blair mentions in the opening missions of WC2. I'm considering renaming this article accordingly. - Wedge

Also, I doubt the Concordia was the flag ship for the whole Confederation Navy, perhaps only the fleet led by Tolwyn. And was Tolwyn really a Vice Admiral at this time? I recall him being as such in The Secret Missions manuals, but was he also a Rear Admiral at some point since then? - Wedge

IIRC, the Concordia was the flagship of the 14th Fleet (which is where the yellow star emblem on her hull comes from). Fleet Action establishes Tolwyn as a Rear Admiral. I don't recall him being called anything but "Admiral Tolwyn" in the game proper. It's not an insubstantial rank - Rear Admiral Dayan in Action Stations commands Task Force 21, complete with "two battlewagons, the carrier Ark Royal, and some damned good cruiser and frigate commanders." A good number of cruisers and frigates, at that.
And I second the move to "Society of Mandarins". Bob McDob 20:30, 16 July 2010 (UTC)

Maybe the Vice Admiral position was only temporary. But, yes, within the actual games, he is only ever called Admiral Tolwyn.

I'm not saying that the fleet was insignificant, only that it wasn't the 'entire Confederation Navy'.

Article moved. (: - Wedge