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Again, another article that does not follow WCPedia template guidelines. You NEED to start using the templates we've provided for creating articles.

I'm going to HIGHLY recommend you start coming to the WCPedia IRC meetings to clear up some of these issues, this is the 3rd article in as many minutes I've had to review and start to clean up.


- Dundradal

No offense, dude, but the info I use strictly comes from the existing CIC article. This is merely a rewording. Remind me again how I can attend the IRC meetings. I'll talk to ya later.


You are not following the article templates I've repeatedly told you to follow. You can easily figure out how to attend the IRC meetings by checking the CIC main page, which posts about them every week and the forums. The article templates are located off the main page of WCPedia. I've already posted in your usertalk, so I won't repeat it again. But you are causing more work for us than being helpful.

- Dundradal