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I'm moving the (very nice) existing Enyo page here while I go through the Claw Marks stuff. It'll get re-incorporated soon:

The Enyo System was the site of a Terran Confederation planetary colony. The presence of an inhabitable planet and jump points to other important systems in the Vega Sector made it perfect for such an endeavor, and thus, the colony thrived.

The Enyo Engagement

In 2639.033, Kilrathi forces launched a surprise attack on Enyo Colony, at the same time of a similar attack on McAuliffe. Having acquired intelligence on the value Terrans gave to individual lives, the Kilrathi decided to use the colonists as hostages. A quarter of a million Terrans were imprisoned under the threat of orbital guns to prevent a Confederation reprisal.

Then-Captain Geoffrey Tolwyn executed a bold plan to tackle this complicated tactical situation. Phase One of the plan involved a small attack force consisting of Raptor-class heavy fighters reconfigured to carry extra Porcupine Space Mines and practically no missiles. The use of a small force was necessary. Confident that they could easily dispatch such a weak enemy, the Kilrathi engaged the fighters instead of executing the hostages and risk losing their trump card.

Before turning to engage the enemy, Phase One forces simultaneously dropped their mines in regions of space near the colonies where principal jump points were located. Kilrathi ships maneuvered to stay clear of the mined regions and concentrated on destroying the invaders.

By the time the Kilrathi navigators realized that the mined regions corresponded to the jump points, it was too late: Phase Two had begun. A scrambled radio signal detonated certain specially modified mines. This cleared the way for the arrival of sizable Terran reinforcements through the jump points. These forces made an immediate assault on the gunships threatening the colonial population centers.

The mines blocked the Kilrathi fleet from supporting the gunships, which were swiftly destroyed with minimal loss of life among the colonists. Then, the two forces settled in for a pounding match that would last two days. The battle ended with the Kilrathi in full retreat. Casualties were nearly identical to both sides, but the Kilrathi were forced to abandon a strategic position.


After the Enyo Engagement, Enyo suffered only sporadic attention from Kilrathi forces, which mostly just probed the system to evaluate its defenses from time to time. This would change only in 2654, when it was one of the first targets of a large Kilrathi offensive throughout the Vega Sector. The TCS Tiger's Claw was briefly dispatched to help clear out the enemy units raiding Enyo before departing to help defend other systems under attack.

Alternate History (the real world)

The Enyo Engagement was first described in the Claw Marks manual as taking place in the Enyo System. However, later publications stated the battle had happened in McAuliffe. Star*Soldier finally solved the question, by having the Kilrathi simultaneously attack the two systems.

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