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Note - Need to add infobox for this and other ace articles in future...

Either I've forgotten something or I'm missing it...note to self...why are infobox images not resizing down? Also, why are they going inactive when removing brackets? they should remain as no other infoboxes use brackets around image line. Make note to experiment later.

What's the preferred resolution? I took it straight out of the game, that's the highest resolution possible for exterior views, but i could always make it smaller.

Look at the other ship entries...the images are all slightly smaller in size. I could have sworn the infobox by default reduced/or expanded them to a certain size for the box. I also am confused as to why the images do not work if you remove the [] from around them. All other infoboxes don't contain them and work fine. It's been a while since I've had time to work on WCPedia, so my mind is a little rusty. But check out other articles with infoboxes and images and see if you can figure it out. I'll look at it as well.