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I'm a little confused. Why is this discussion page looking like an article? Is it supposed to be a draft? - Wedge

Wedge - it is. I'm using the discussion page as a workspace for this article. I'm testing new article layouts here. Trying to come up with a good way to display all the data we have and look good doing it. but as you can see it's very much a work in progress.

- Dund

I just saw the thread in the forums where you talked about this. I feel a little silly now. I don't know much about how to lay all this stuff out in wiki-code - on my 1600x1200 screen, the page is a mess. Even on a HD 1920x1080 screen, I think the page would still look quite jumbled up. - Wedge

Yeah that was because of the infoboxes and table. They were landing on top of each other. I just left it like that because I was using the code. I've since changed it. I'm thinking that the simplest (and one I should have done first) way to do a nice chart is to add images into the table. It will be a cool away to enter in armor/shield diagrams and make the pages look nice. What do you think about it now? Granted it is still very incomplete - Dund

Looks good. I made a few minor corrections, I think this can replace the current article now. - Wedge

What I'm going to do is fully build the article (ie finish the tables, find homes for those other images, and look to asking the CIC for those armor images from ships2) then I'll replace the current article. - Dund

Okay, I will need some help with fact checking on the table. I basically just took the information out of the ships guide from the CIC. Also there is seems to be some inconsistencies between the manual and game in places. - Iceblade

CF-131 Broadsword
Type Fighter/Bomber
Manufacturer Camelot Industries
Primary User Terran Confederation
Additional Users Union of Border Worlds


Introduction 2633
General Characteristics
Length 12 meters
Mass 14 tonnes
Crew 1 (pilot)
Cruise 150 kps
Maximum 320 kps
Mass Driver Cannon (3)
Dual-mounted Neutron gun Turrets (3)
Default Missile Loadout
Missile Mounts (3)

(Post-2648) Torpedo Mounts (2)

Cloaking Device No
Jump Drive yes
Fore 13 cm equivalent
Aft 13 cm equivalent
Front 10 cm
Rear 10 cm
Right 8 cm
Left 8 cm
CF-131 Broadsword Target Identification circa 2654
Source Confederation Handbook



Camelot Industry's Broadsword is one of the Terran Confederation's most successful spacecraft designs; Broadswords served on and off from 2633 to 2701--across multiple wars and for several different factions. The bombers were originally designed during the Pilgrim War to support the Grand Fleet's invasion of the Pilgrim Alliance. Early CF-131 Broadswords served as massed missile platforms and strategic ship-to-planet bombers.

With the advent of the Kilrathi war and the development of the torpedo, Broadswords changed to fit the times. In 2648 all current model Broadswords were outfitted to carry two antimatter torpedoes. That number would eventually double, by 2664, and then double again, by 2701. Broadswords became the Confederation's heaviest anti-capship bomber for the middle portion of the war; Broadswords flying off the Tiger's Claw, Concordia and elsewhere achieved great success in dangerous torpedo runs.

After the end of the Kilrathi War, the Confederation relegated Broadswords to reserve wings and boneyards.

Zachary Banfield's Guild maintained two squadrons of Broadswords which were used to attack the FRLS Mjollnir and destroy the FRLS Sindri. The Landreich themselves operated a number of Broadswords during the Kilrathi War, fielding them during the Battle of Hell Hole.

The Union of Border Worlds operated a number of Broadswords during their aborted war with the Terran Confederation. Admiral Tolwyn was, at one point, captured by a stripped patrol Broadsword as he attempted to flee the Peleus System.

But the Nephilim invasion of 2681 reactivated Broadsword squadrons - and proved that they were incredibly effective against the new foe. Production of Broadswords resumed, with modernized variants like the Executor, Warpig and later Behemoth rolling off the assembly lines.

In the post-Nephilim War world, surplus Broadswords are a common sight on the volatile Terran-Kilrathi frontier.

Confederation Handbook

TCSNA Handbook

The Broadsword was originally designed as an attack bomber for enemy capital ships, but it also serves as an adequate all-purpose fighter. Poor acceleration and maneuverability may force the Broadsword to take several hits from hostile fighters, but strong armor and shields and a wide array of weapons make it a formidable enemy. Keep in mind that the Broadsword is equipped with turrets on both sides and the rear of the ship and several missiles. If it manages to get close enough to a capital ship, it can successfully penetrate phase shields with its four torpedoes. A tractor beam allows this ship to perform retrieve-and-rescue missions in space.

Joan's Fighting Spacecraft - 2668 Edition

Gemini Guide

The Broadsword is a commonly encountered Confederation fighter. It is equipped with a deadly array of blasters and several HS and FF missiles, which pose a severe threat to any enemy that ventures to cross its path. The Broadsword’s main weaknesses lie in its slow speed, low maneuverability and limited acceleration powers. If you are flying a very maneuverable ship in an encounter with this vessel, the odds are definitely in your favor. A side attack on the weaker port and starboard armor is advisable.

Joan's Fighting Spacecraft 2700-2701 - Epsilon Sector Supplement

A-17 Broadsword Executioner
The Executioner is a return to the Broadsword’s pre-war role as a heavy missile platform. Fighter pilots are well advised to avoid the Executioner’s forward firing arcs: they combine five Dart DF rocket packs with heavy hitting plasma cannons. A truly deadly combination on their own, these weapons are accompanied by a military grade tractor beam capable of immobilizing enemy ships.

A-17 Broadsword Warpig
Though they were initially relegated to the surplus yards, the Broadsword design proved itself against the Nephilim. During the first assault on a construction reef, it was a militia Warpig squadron which scored the killing blow — while Devastator and Shrike units suffered heavy casualties.

A-17 Broadsword Behemoth
The Behemoth is an inelegant solution for the limitations of the modern battlefield: the design adds giant sheaths of Platolum armor to protect the ship’s delicate fuselage. The upgrade also doubles the torpedo capacity of the classic design. Although these additions significantly reduce engine performance, expert Broadsword pilots know better than to rely on maneuverability in the first place.


Early Terran-Kilrathi War

CF-131A BroadswordWcmbroadswordprofile.jpg Broadsword (2648)Wcmbroadswordprofile.jpg Broadsword (2654)Wcatv-broadsword-cropped.jpg
Source: Confederation Handbook Confederation Handbook Academy TV
Class: Fighter/Bomber Fighter/Bomber Bomber
Length: 12 meters 12 meters
Mass: 14 metric tonnes 14 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 320 Kps 320 Kps
Cruise Velocity: 150 Kps 150 Kps
Guns: Mass Driver Cannons (3) Mass Driver Cannons (3) Plasma Guns (2)
Turret: Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (3) Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (3) Dual-Mount Laser Cannon (1)
Single-Mount Laser Cannon (2)
Missile Hardpoints: Missile Mounts (3) Missile Mounts (3) Dart DF (?)
Spiculum IR (?)
Missile Hardpoints: ----- Torpedoes (2) Torpedoes (2)
Tractor Beam yes, rear
Armor (Fore/Aft/Sides): 10.0/10.0/8.0 cm 10.0/10.0/8.0 cm
Shields (Fore/Rear): 13.0/13.0 cm 13.0/13.0 cm
Missile Decoys: None None None
Jump Capable: Yes Yes Yes
Crew: 1 (Pilot) 1 (Pilot) 2 (Pilot, Co-Pilot)
Service Entry: 2633 2648

Late Terran-Kilrathi War

Class A-17D BroadswordWc2broadsword.jpg Broadsword (2667)Wc2broadsword.jpg Broadsword (2667)Wc2broadsword.jpg Broadsword (2667)Wc2broadsword.jpg Broadsword (2669)P1broadsword.jpg Broadsword (2669)P1broadsword.jpg
Source: WC II Playguide Manual Wing Commander 2 WC Academy Manual WC Academy (info questionable) Privateer Playguide Manual Wing Commander: Privateer
Class: Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber Fighter-Bomber Fighter-Bomber
Length: 36 meters 36 meters 36 meters 36 meters 36 meters 36 meters
Mass: 100 metric tonnes 100 metric tonnes 100 metric tonnes 100 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 320 KPS 320 KPS 320 KPS 320 KPS 350 KPS 350 KPS
Cruise Velocity: 150 KPS 150 KPS 150 KPS 150 KPS
Acceleration: Poor 1 k/s^2 Poor Poor 400 k/s^2
Max Y/P/R: 5/5/5 deg/s 4/4/4 deg/s 5/5/5 deg/s 4/4/4 deg/s Average 87/85/95 deg/s
Guns: Mass Driver Cannon(3) Mass Driver Cannon(3) Mass Driver Cannon(3) Mass Driver Cannon(3) Mass Driver Cannon(3) Mass Driver Cannon(3)
Turret: Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (3) Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (3) Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (3) Dual-Mount Neutron Gun (3) Dual-Mount Laser Cannon (1), Dual-Mount Particle Cannon (1) Dual-Mount Particle Cannon (2)
Missile Hardpoints: Friend or Foe (3) Friend or Foe (4) Friend or Foe (4) Friend or Foe (4) Friend or Foe (6) Friend or Foe (6)
Missile Hardpoints: Torpedoes (4) Torpedoes (4) Torpedoes (4) ----- Heat Seekers (3) Heat Seekers (3)
Tractor Beam Yes (rear) Yes (rear) Yes (rear) Yes (rear) Not Listed
Armor (Fore/Aft/Sides): 15.0/15.0/13.0 cm 40.0/40.0/35.0 cm 15.0/15.0/13.0 cm 30.0/30.0/30.0 cm 25.0/20.0/17.5 cm 25.0/20.0/17.5 cm
Shields (Fore/Rear): 18.0/18.0 cm 50.0/50.0 cm 18.0/18.0 cm 90.0/90.0 cm Not Listed Level5/Level5
Shield Recharge Not Listed 3 cm/s Not Listed 1 cm/s Not Listed
Missile Decoys: None Chaff Pod (1) Chaff Pod (1) Chaff Pod (1) None None
Jump Capable: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Crew: 4 (Pilot, 3 Gunners) 4 (Pilot, 3 Gunners) 4 (Pilot, 3 Gunners) 4 (Pilot, 3 Gunners) Not Listed
Service Entry: 2664

Terran-Nephilim War

Class Executioner (2701) Arenabroadswordexecutioner.jpg Warpig (2701) Arenabroadswordwarpig.jpg Behemoth (2701) Arenabroadswordbehemoth.jpg
Class: Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber
Length: 36 meters 36 meters 41 meters
Mass: 100 metric tonnes 110 metric tonnes 150 metric tonnes
Max Velocity: 300 kps 275 kps 225 kps
Acceleration: 55 k/s^2 55 k/s^2 55 k/s^2
Max Y/P/R: 65/65/65 deg/s 55/55/55 deg/s 70/70/70 deg/s
Shields: 410 cm 410 cm 410 cm
Armor: 1000 cm 1100 cm 1350 cm
Guns: Tachyon Gun (2) Meson Blaster (2) Tachyon Gun (2)
Guns: Plasma Gun (2) Neutron Gun (2) Neutron Gun (2)
Turrets: Deployable
Bomber Turrets
Bomber Turrets
Bomber Turrets
Missiles: 2x5 Heat Seekers 1x4 Torpedo 2x4 Torpedo
Missiles: 5x20 Dart DF 5x20 Dart DF 5x20 Dart DF
Missile Decoys:
Jump Capable: Yes Yes Yes
Service Entry:


Wing Commander Movie

Wing Commander Academy

Wing Commander 2

Wing Commander Privateer

Wing Commander Arena