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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Sa'Kahn Quadrant
Jump Links Masa, Orestes, Torgo, T'Rel Meh, Valgard

Silenos (Pronounced: SEEL-IN-OHS) is a star system in the Epsilon Sector and a territory of the Union of Border Worlds.

Silenos is known to be the site of the Silenos Nebula, which masks the system's jump point to Orestes.

Silenos was a battleground during the later stages of the Border Worlds Conflict of 2673. After several Terran crew members from the TCS Lexington defected to the Border Worlds, among them Captain William Eisen and Colonel Christopher Blair, the Lexington tried to pursue the defectors. The Lexington was at the time commanded by Captain Hugh Paulson and a man named "Seether", two operatives of the elusive Black Lance faction that intended to start a war between the Border Worlds and the Terran Confederation. Eisen and Blair had acquired intelligence that could threaten their plans, so the termination of both men was their primary objective.

The Intrepid fought off the Lexington as it kept itself hidden within the Silenos Nebula, intending to use it to screen their path towards the jump point to Orestes. Upon exiting the nebula, the Lexington attacked. Fortunately, Colonel Blair and his wing disabled the vessel, buying the Intrepid the time it needed to escape. Most of the Lexington crew survived, but Paulson was executed by Seether for his failure.