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Creator Thomas Bruckner
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Filesize 200 kB

Archive Contents

  • readme.txt
  • testmis.iff
  • wc4p.exe
  • wcedit.cfg


WCEdit Version 0.3 - 21/03/1998
       Thomas Bruckner   

1. What is WCEdit
WCEdit lets you create and use new ships and guns for Wing Commander 4. 

This programm is freeware.

2. What's new in Version 0.3
* you can now create new guns
* fixed scattergun
* limited mission editor
* some minor bugfixes

3. How to install
First of all install WC4 and let it copy gameflow.tre on your 
harddisk. The path must be something like c:\xxx\wc4 
(c:\wc4 or c:\xxx\xxx\wc4 wont work, xxx can be any name). 
Then unzip this zipfile into your wc4 directory. 

Create the following directorys:

Extract to c:\xxx\wc4\data\
Extract to c:\data\objects\
Move wcedit.cfg to c:\data\
Move testmis.iff to c:\data\language\missions\

Finaly you have to edit c:\data\wcedit.cfg: The first line is 
the path to your wc4 dir. The second line states what exe 
file will be executed.
wc4.exe is the dos-version
wc4w.exe is the windows-version

I recommend using the dos-version because it gives clearer 
error messages.

I'll make a setup programm for the next version

4. How to use
Unlike the install procedures using wcedit is easy. Just start 
wcedit.exe, modify all the settings you want (the default values 
are that of a hellcat). Then click 'Make .IFF' and wcedit will 
create a new .iff file in you c:\data\objects\ directory. To fly 
the new ship click 'Launch'. It will modify the gameflow.tre and 
then start wc4. There you can load a saved game or start a new 
game. When you fly a mission it will use your new ship.

5. If it doesn't work
I've tested wcedit on only 2 computers and it worked, but if it 
doesn't work on yours contact me. Maybe I can help.

6. Where to get new versions
Visit my Wing Commander Homepage at:

Wing Commander 4 is Copyright of Origin Systems