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The Shata were an ancient spacefaring species that had intimate knowledge of Jumpspace technology that allowed for interstellar travel. A former foe of the Kilrathi Empire, the Shata presented their mastery of Jump-points to the Kilrathi as a gesture of good will in the face of potential annihilation. Thus, it was the Shata who enabled the Kilrathi to dramatically expand their growing enterprise across the known galaxy, acquiring the same level of technological expertise as the Terrans eventually would before the first contact between the two species in 2634.

The Kilrathi however had no further use for the Shata and instead initiated the complete extermination of their race. Unable to defend themselves against the vastly superior Kilrathi, the Shata were easily wiped out. The Kilrathi feasted upon their victims, having found little satisfaction in the annihilation of a foe that could not resist their wrath.