Secret Missions 1.5 (Kilrathi Saga)

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Creator delMar / UnnamedCharacter / WingOver
Download Download
Filesize 60 kB

Fan made patch that extracts Secret Missions 1.5 from Super Wing Commander and allows it to be played with the Kilrathi Saga version of Wing Commander, Secret Missions 2.

To play:

First, back up your install.dat in the KS gamedat folder (and make sure your KS install includes The Secret Missions already). Then unzip the contents of this file (60 k zip) into gamedat. It includes a new install.dat that will replace Secret Missions 2. You can flip back and forth between iterations of the file to choose which campaign you want to play.

Author's Description

This is about bringing the Secret Missions 2 campaign from Super Wing Commander and 3DO, known as Secret Missions 1.5, to the PC. For a start, I'll just make the files available here that have been converted 1:1 from the 3DO version. That's possible due to the awesome work of UnnamedCharacter and many others who paved the way. The zip file contains a readme file with all necessary information and instructions.

So, by downloading and installing this zip file to your Wing Commander I, Secret Missions 2 installation, you should be able to play the full SWC Secret Missions 2 campaign, which is commonly referred to here on the forums as Secret Missions 1.5.