SAR-23 Condor

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SAR-23 Condor
Type Rescue/Refuel/Shuttle
Primary User Terran Confederation
Service Nephilim War

The SAR-23 Condor is a support-starship in service with the post-war Terran Confederation. It can function as either a Search and Rescue, Refueler or Shuttle. It served in the Nephilim war of 2681 and beyond.

Wing Commander: Prophecy The Official Strategy Guide

The SAR-23 is a multipurpose ship that is adjustable for a wide variety of missions by the simple act out swapping out functionality "modules" or "packs." The Condor itself is primarily a powerful engine and navigation bay. It will be ID'd differently, depending on what function it is performing.

In some cases it is lightly armored and shielded for use in combat, but is simply not designed to carry weapons of any sort. Instead, it relies solely on its fighter escort whenever it enters a hostile area.

As a Search And Rescue ship, the Condor is most often used for recovering downed, ejected or otherwise incapacitated pilots. This job usually falls to Condors as post-battle duty, but they have been known to take on a rescue mission in do-or-die cases.

As a Refueler, the Condor refuls and rearms fighters that have to fly long distances from their carrier. This is possible due to the shuttle's jump-capable design.

The Condor also acts as a Shuttle men a specilied personell transport/carrier-on-board-delivery (COD) pod is attached. Shuttles have been used in transportation of both troops and dignitaries
Wing Commander Prophecy Guide
Mass 62,000
Class Rescue/Refuel/Shuttle
Shield Recharge 15
Maximum Speed 325
Cruise Speed 250
Acceleration Rate 450
Yaw Rate 35
Pitch Rate 25
Roll Rate 60
Front Shield 1000
Rear Shield 1500
Front Armor 100
Rear Armor 150
Left Armor 125
Right Armor 125