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Privateer Playtesters' Guide

Retro fighters are fanatics, a radical offshoot from the Church of Man. This peaceful religious order seeks to return to a purely agrarian existence with minimal technology. Their teachings denounce technology as the source of evil and the cause of man's moral downfall. Retro fanatics believe that the merciless destruction of all technology is the only way to achieve their church's goal. They are willing to employ technology to ultimately eradicate its existence. Retro fighters are always hostile towards you. No ammount of communication will appease them. You will primarily encounter their Talons in Clarke and Fariss Quadrants. However, retro forces will also occasionally venture into Potter and Humboldt.

Expected ships. Talon.

Expected Morale and Experience. Fanatical novices and pros, What they lack in training, they make up for in zeal.

  • Be careful. Retro fanatics are willing to ram your ship to win their battle against technology. In any collision between two ships, the heaver one will win.
    - “Strider”