RS: Felos (Nav 77)

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Your Guide to the Universe

Taken some flak? Make it better at one of the many repair stations found around the systems.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2: The Darkening

Manned almost entirely by retired marketing and sales people, Felos Repair Station offers knowledgeable help from the people who've sold the product line you're traveling in ― or the brand of weapon with which you were shot. Felos is popular for all kinds of repairs, from tune-ups to complete overhauls. Customers are usually greeted in the landing bay, where they receive drinks of their choice and coupons for free meals at any on-base restaurant.

The only complaint registered with the Felos Business Bureau is that ship repairs are completed late and at a higher cost than anticipated. The usual excuse is that this is due to "parts slippage."