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Creator Origin Systems Inc.
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VIDEO.DLL - SVGA Patch for the Compaq QVision video card

(C) 1995, Origin Systems, Inc. 
    Written February, 1995 by Jason Yenawine and Anthony L. Sommers

  DISCLAIMER : Origin Systems, Inc. shall not be responsible for the
  usage of this patch, in whole or in part. In no event will Origin
  Systems, Inc. or the author of this patch be liable for any damages
  resulting from the use or misuse of this patch. Use at your own risk.
  The document included with this patch may not be reproduced in any 
  manner without the written consent of the author.


  VIDEO.DLL is an alternate set of video routines used to provide 
  support for certain video cards. VIDEO.DLL installs itself when 
  Wing Commander III is initialized. 

  The VIDEO.DLL that accompanies this text file is to be used for the 
  Compaq QVision card only. During initialization, the patch will 
  attempt to detect the Compaq QVision. If the Compaq QVision is not 
  detected, the patch will not install itself and display a message 
  asking you if you wish to continue. If the Compaq QVision is detected, 
  a message will let you know the DLL was installed and you should be 
  able to use the SVGA capabilities of the Compaq QVision. 

  |                                                                 |
  |  NOTE : THIS PATCH MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU! No major problems      |
  |  were encountered during testing of VIDEO.DLL. However, if the  |
  |  patch does not work for your system and your video card,       |
  |  please feel free to contact Origin Technical Support.          |
  |                                                                 |

Installation of VIDEO.DLL

  1)    Change to the directory where QVISION.EXE was extracted.
  2)    Copy the VIDEO.DLL file to the C:\WC3 directory, i.e. :

            COPY VIDEO.DLL C:\WC3   [ENTER]

  3)    Install CPQVESA, the VESA driver for the Compaq QVision :

            CPQVESA   [ENTER]

  4)    Run Wing Commander III. The patch will detect the presence of 
        the Compaq QVision video card. If successful, a message stating 
        the patch was loaded will display. If unsuccessful, a prompt 
        asking if you wish to continue will display, [Y] loads the game, 
	  [N] exits to DOS.

  5)    Once you're into the game, you should be able to use SVGA. 
        However, as with any computer, the ability to enjoyably use 
        SVGA for movies and spaceflight depends on the machine. 
        Processor speed, CD-ROM drive speed, and sound card type all 
        play a major role. Refer to the README.TXT on the CD-ROM drive 
        for more information.

Uninstallation of VIDEO.DLL

  To remove this patch, just type :

        DEL C:\WC3\VIDEO.DLL   [ENTER]


  *     This patch is only for the Compaq QVision (1024, 1280, AVGA). It 
        only needs to be installed once.

  *     SP0653.ZIP is the latest CPQVESA driver from Compaq. Agreement 
        and instructions for its use are included in the archive. 
        CPQVESA must be installed prior to running the game.

  *     Compaq Computer Corporation
        BBS           713-378-1418 14400 bps
        Tech Support  800-345-1518

  *     Check out the WC3 Technical Help File (WC3HELP.TXT) on our
        BBS (512-331-4446) or the Internet (ftp.ea.com 

  *     Thanks to Jason Yenawine at Origin Systems, Inc. Thanks to Steve 
        Richter, Jim Campbell, and Jeff McCullough at Compaq Computer