Privateer Trade Profit Calculator

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Creator Whiplash
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Filesize 60 kB

An Excel macro that will give you price info, profit estimates for a given commodity, and overall trading tips to get you the most credits no matter where you are and where you're going. Details

Author's Description

Right, I'm ready to share the first version! Note that it is a macro-enable Excel file, so if you are uncomfortable about macro security, don't feel obligated to run the file. I promise there are no nasties present though.

I've not protected anything, so you can look at my code, pick it apart and make comments to you heart's content. (Note that anyone who knows anything about programming will probably do well not to pay to much attention to my badly-written scribbles for fear of getting a heart attack).

If you can find ways to make it better, by all means do so. Any suggestions are welcome!