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Pax VII was a planet and a territory of the Terran Confederation. The star system in which it was located is unknown.

Pax VII was the seventh planet of its native star system and once home to millions of Terran citizens. According to some, like Terran pilot Winston Chang, the citizens of Pax VII, known as "Paxons", were considered a backwards who had little to contribute to the Terran war efforts during the Terran-Kilrathi War.

During the war, Pax VII hosted the demolitions tests of Dr. Philip Severin, a prominent Terran scientist who would eventually field the Temblor Bomb that would destroy Kilrah. Terran pilot Winston Chang was one of his associates at the time. During one such test, Dr. Severin was experimenting with demolitions, but despite the dangerous extent of the test, he failed to warn the civilian populace of his activities. The test went awry and killed millions on Pax VII. The Confederation covered up the incident claiming it was an "accident", and quarantined Pax VII. The incident sank into obscurity due to everyone's general disregard for the Paxon population.

The incident mentally scarred Winston Chang, who quit demolitions and enlisted as a combat pilot, eventually coming to be known as "Vagabond". Vagabond was disgusted by Severin's disregard for civilian life, and developed an intense hate for his former boss ever since. In 2669, the Confederation saved Dr. Severin from captivity on the Kilrathi prison planet of Alcor V, as his skills were needed to complete the Temblor Bomb for the strike on Kilrah. During the rescue, Vagabond avenged the tragedy of Pax VII by punching Severin as he was being extracted, landing himself in the brig but settling an old score.