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Sector Epsilon Sector
Quadrant Sa'Kahn Quadrant
Locations Pasqual X
Jump Links Tas Mahran, T'kon Meth, Lennox, Orestes

Pasqual is a star system located on the frontier of the Epsilon Sector. It is a Kilrathi colony.

Pasqual is a moderately-populated system with at least ten known planets, including Pasqual X. It hosts the lightly-armed Pasqual Starbase. After Kilrah was destroyed by the Terran Confederation in the final days of the Terran-Kilrathi War in 2669, Melek nar Kiranka, the de facto leader of the ruined Kilrathi Empire, relocated the Kilrathi homeworld to Pasqual X. It is likely that this transition resulted in a surge of the system's population. It is supposedly the unofficial capital of the Kilrathi Empire.

In 2673, Melek and his personal entourage were attacked by Black Lance forces during the Border Worlds Conflict between the Terran Confederation and the Union of Border Worlds. After they were rescued by the BWS Intrepid, the Border Worlders, led by Christopher Blair, escorted the Kilrathi back to Pasqual X. They succeeded in staving off Black Lance forces long enough to ensure Melek's safe return.

In 2675, Murragh Cakg dai Nokhtak took the FRLS Mjollnir to Pasqual in order to lead an invasion force to overthrow Melek. This attempt failed, because no reinforcements from the Free Republic of the Landreich had arrived. Murragh escaped Melek's police forces.