Orestes IX

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Orestes IX is the ninth and outermost planet of the Orestes System in the Epsilon Sector. It is a member of the Union of Border Worlds.

Orestes IX hosted a communications relay operated by the Terran Confederation as of 2673. Much of the Confederation's military communications flowed through this outpost. During the Border Worlds Conflict in 2673, Orestes IX and its relay were the targets of the Border Worlds' flagship BWS Intrepid, whose acting captain William Eisen intended to raid with the hopes of acquiring intelligence on illegal activities carried out by the Confederation against the Border Worlds. During said operation, Colonel Christopher Blair performed a stealth insertion of operatives Winston Chang and Velina Sosa to the station via Manned Insertion Pods to capture the intelligence while Blair routed the relay's formidable defense network. The operation was a success and the data captured proved invaluable, but Lieutenant Chang was killed in battle with the station's security forces. The Intrepid then fled Orestes.