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Creator Kevin Caccamo
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Filesize 15 kB

See also: WCPPascal.


OBJ2WCP is a command line application that converts models from Wavefront OBJ format to a pascal
source code file, which can then be compiled by WCPPascal into a Wing Commander Prophecy/Secret Ops
IFF mesh. OBJ2WCP is written in Java and the source code is available in the download.

-| Features |-

- Reads info from v, vt, vn, and f
- Support for multiple materials
- Support for full lighting on materials with "illum 0"
- Apparently it supports smoothing too.
- Gives statistics about the model
- Tells the user what bitmap goes with what MAT number
- Gives understandable error information
- Attempts to calculate face normals (experimental) 

Old Versions