Niven System - Series 2 - Mission 3

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Niven System - Series 2 - Mission 3
Fighter Ferret
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

General Snell, commander of Niven Colony, wanted me to help out with an escort mission before returning to the carrier. I would escort two transports carrying medical supplies to their jump points, then proceed to the Concordia.

I fell in behind the two transports and engaged autopilot for the ride to the jump point. I was the only fighter escort, and hoped we wouldn't run into more action than I could handle.

We'd hardly gotten away from Niven when two wings of Sartha made a beeline for the transports. "This should be fun," I thought, "trying to stop four Sartha before they can do any damage."

I charged in at full afterburners and, after a little bit of jockey-ing, took out two of the Sartha fighters from the rear. By the time I was done, though, the other two light fighters were raising a real ruckus with the transports. I targeted both enemies and yelled out a few taunts. One pilot couldn't resist the challenge and turned away to attack me. I hit afterburners and went after the pilot who was continuing to attack the Bhomis and Excalibur.

He was so intent on hitting the transports that he just sat there and fired. He was a sitting duck, and I blasted him into oblivion before turning away and heading for the last Sartha in the wing. I rolled right to present a smaller target area for the Sartha's neutron guns, evaded a missile, then blasted away from the sides with my mass drivers. It was enough to scare him away and continue the mission.

Three Drakhri hit when we were 10,000 kilometers from the jump point, but I just kept them away by constantly changing targets, firing a few volleys, and continuing my taunts. I only dropped one, but both escorts were able to jump out-system. Then I just ran back to the Concordia, where I found out about the murder that had been committed there the day before. Things were getting bizarre.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing