Mission T: Kronos

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Mission T: Kronos
Date 2790
Type Cinematic
Previous Mission S: Rescue Nabakov
Next Tamessa Ames

Official Guide

Who and Where

As soon as you eliminate all of the fighters in the previous mission, you receive the success e-mail from Hassan. When you click EXIT to close the e-mail, you trigger a cinematic in which you land on Kronos' ship. This takes you into the final cinematic of the plot, in which you confront Kronos.

Key Information

Kronos is horribly disfigured. The sack of anti-aging drugs that he drags behind him seems to have backfired. Kronos is also certifiably insane - he's convinced he's the older brother, when in actuality you're older than he is. Turns out this whole thing was a case of overblown sibling rivalry, and Mother always loved you best.

Next Step

You've won. Now you're free to explore the additional cinematic, bulletin board and SOS missions in the game.


I must meet Kronos.


Let's tie up some loose ends.